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Found 18 results

  1. 1 review

    SW-MOTECH 1 1/8" Barback Offset Handlebar Risers Provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising and retracting the original 1 1/8" (28mm) diameter handlebar. No need to replace your handlebars - simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the replacement top clamp using included hardware. Barbacks increase handlebar height by 30mm (1.18") and move them back 22mm (0.86"), producing an overall handlebar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the original position. When installed, there may be a slight gap between the bar riser and the top clamp. This gap allows the top clamps to be torque-tightened onto the bar riser to prevent the bar from spinning. Kit Includes: 30mm rise (1.18in) 22mm back (0.86in) Barbacks for 1 1/8" bars (1 pair) Top clamps for 1 1/8" bars (1 pair) Four M8x30 screws Four M8x20 screws SW-Motech 30mm handlebar risers.
  2. 1 review

    QUICK-LOCK Cockpit GPS Mount Detachable, vibration damped GPS Mount For mounting on the cockpit fixing points Surface black, powder-coated Pivoted bracket is fixed by QUICK-LOCK connection on the base plate
  3. 1 review

    SW-MOTECH Kobra Handguard Kit The SW-MOTECH Kobra Handguards include a stylish, impact-resistant plastic guard and a strong, black powder coated aluminum back bone. The plastic guard protects your hands from wind, rain and any road debris and the back bone mounts by way of two solid points - making them extremely sturdy. In the event of a fall or crash, the full wrap design of the Kobra Handguards will protect your hand controls from taking the full blunt of the impact. This could make the difference between riding home or calling for a tow. Features: Weather and crash protection Hardened aluminum full-wrap backbones Optional Integrated LED Turn Signal available (sold separately) Includes all necessary installation hardware Note: Image for reference only. Actual Kobra Handguard will vary depending on your make and model.
  4. 1 review

    SW-MOTECH Adjustable Gear Shift Lever The SW-MOTECH Adjustable Gear Lever is CNC-machined aluminum and powder-coated black for strength and durability. The two-piece gear lever allows for minute adjustments, and the spring lock prevents against damage in the event of a tip-over. Kit includes: Gear lever Mounting hardware Mounting instructions
  5. 1 review

    Item #: 1015829 SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Luggage Rack KTM 690 Enduro / R The SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Luggage Racks are the most rugged and stylish solutions to your top luggage needs. The welds on the racks are EN certified to the same standards as those found on European rail vehicles, so you know they're rugged. Each top plate is CNC-machined from aluminum, and is designed specifically for each motorcycle for the perfect fit. That, combined with the low profile rack support arms, makes the Alu-Racks the best looking top case racks on the market. With the addition of luggage-specific adapter kits (sold separately), these racks can be used with luggage such as Givi Monokey, Givi Monolock, SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box, SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Tankbag and Hepco-Becker. Features: Durable black powder-coated finish Aluminum construction Includes all necessary installation hardware Max load: 11lbs Installation Instructions https://www.revzilla.com/assets/0001/0715/swmotech_alu_rack_top_case_rack_ktm690_enduro0714.pdf
  6. 0 comments

    Superb bike that does everything very well. Had this bike for 3 seasons and it was spectacular. Also, contrary to expectation, it has been PERFECTLY reliable. Perfectly, as in: I had NO issues. Zero. Nada.
  7. 2 comments

    I can't speak as to comparisons with other XC's but for me the c model just made sense with the WP suspension and special mappings. This thing rails out of the box in a very surprising manner for such a large bike on such silly rubber. Really the only bad point of the bike outside of some of the plastic stuff doesn't impress close up but there are aftermarket alternatives .<br />I've ridden it 300 miles of 70/30 and so far in that hundred miles of off road I felt darned near as in control as I do on my YZ or XR over the same ride excepting slick clay mud from log trucks and grass.which made kitty want to either roll or take a nap due to the tires. Other than that it is as competent over loose terrain as it is tarmac and it represents a serious attempt by Triumph to upgrade an already successful ADV bike to something better.<br/>UPDATE: 09/27/16..... Still feel this is a great effort on Triumph's part. I'm over 16,000 now and can't see that any other bike in it's class would fit me as well. Just needed a couple hundred bucks in aluminum protective and adaptive stuff and a couple of good tires. Been to 4 states so far and looking to add Canada and Mexico soon.
  8. 0 comments

    My wife and I purchased this bike brand new and we absolutely love it.
  9. 3 reviews

    SW-MOTECH Crashbars / Lower Engine Guards are constructed of heavy-duty mild steel and provide maximum protection while maintaining optical integration and high-quality fit and finish. Your choice of black or silver. SW-MOTECH Crashbar Reliable protection of important motorcycle parts Strong frame connection Silver powder-coated Suits the appearance of the motorcycle pipe diameter 27 mm Included: 2 crashbars Mounting material Mounting instructions Features: Valve cover remains within reach
  10. 2 reviews

    Constructed of 4mm aluminum plate, the SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard / Skidplate for the BMW R1200GS LC not only looks good, but provides additional protection to valuable engine parts. Available in powder-coated black or brushed silver.
  11. 20-100

    BMW R1200 GS (2009)


    Biggest bike I have owned. After a year, I still find the big girl intimidating... but I'm learning and appreciating it more and more.
  12. 2 reviews

    SW-MOTECH's highly functional and elegant toprack features a strong, integrated, lightweight steel design. The smart, multi-functional design accepts many brands of topcases including Coocase, TraX ALU-BOX, Pelican and GIVI (Monolock or Monokey) The Steel Rack can be mounted with or without SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sideracks (available separately). This product installs quickly using basic hand tools. No cutting, drilling, or welding of existing motorcycle components required. All mounting hardware included. The Steel-Rack has a black powder coated finish and includes detailed installation instructions. R1200GS LC Adventure '14 requires fitment of SW-MOTECH Toprack Lowering Kit GPT.07.782.17000.B which is not compatible with Factory BMW Sidecases.
  13. 2 reviews

    New, convertible footpeg system from SW-Motech allows you to replace your stock pegs with wider pegs at one of two heights, complete with a removable rubber pad for quick conversion from on- to off-road applications! Bike-specific mount and set of footpegs included. Features: > Attaches to original footpeg mount > Footpegs are made out of high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel > Removable rubber pads reduce vibration > Larger than original footpegs > Textured surface on rubber pad provides superior traction > Footpeg mount is CNC-milled from high strength aluminum alloy > Height can be lowered 15mm from stock position > Convertible design great for both street and off-road riding > Pegs with rubber attached are 2 inches wide and 3 inches long
  14. 1 review

    When used in conjunction with the SW-MOTECH Engine Guard / Skidplate, the SW-MOTECH Centerstand Engine Guard / Skidplate Extension Kit For BMW R1200GS LC '13-'14 & R1200GS LC Adventure '14 provides complete underbody protection. Constructed of 3mm brushed aluminum plate, the engine guard / skidplate protects the exhaust manifold and the swingarm. Your choice of silver or black finish.
  15. 1 review

    SW-MOTECH Headlight Protection Headlight protection with transparent rigid ploy carbonate shield Frame made of extremely strong laser-cut aluminum alloy Efficient stone-chipping protection
  16. 1 comment

    I have to add a full review to add the bike to my garage? Yeah, I'll come back to this. Theme will be: never buy the first year of any model.
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