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Found 16 results

  1. 1 review

    Washable alternative to the original air filter, for offroad use.
  2. 2 reviews

    This is the very system that started a revolution. The Rottweiler Intake system has lit the KTM community on fire with grade AA results accross board and continues to deliver. To start, you can expect from 8 to 12 horspower gains, but it doesn't end there. With the addition of a 'Snap Out' bracket on Adventure models, swapping pre-filters becomes a 45 second affair with one screwdriver. Once the intake is installed and the extra room is now available, Adventure owners can also benifit from 128 extra cubic inches of storage space with the 'Dog House' storage box. On all models, you can also expect a 6 lb (3.6 kg) weight savings with the removal of the SAS and Evap canisters systems using our SAS Stage 1-3 systems. That's almost another horsepower in weight savings alone. These do not come pre oiled for shipping purposes. We reccomend No Toil Oiling kits for both our intake filters and pre filters. Benefits of the Rottweiler Intake System: The most cost effective horsepower gains on the market. About $30 to $40 (US) per HP vs $100 to $200 for an aftermarket exhaust. Dramatically reduces the jerky 'on-off' throttle response of the big twin. Mountain roads and tight traffic become a joy again. Full tri layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just one side, aiding in air velocity optimization and overall filter surface area. The outer layers of foam provide optimum filtration and load-up capacity while the inner layer is made of special self-extinguishing filter foam. Together, they five the best combination for air flow, engine protection and safety. Specially made 'Super Tough Nylon' base plate weighs in at 1/2 that of aluminum material and significantly reduces the transfer of engine. No tools needed to change or remove the filter. Removed in seconds. Weight reduction of 1.6kg (3.5lbs) just by replacing the stock airbox with the Rottweiler Intake. Removal of the stock airbox frees up an enormous amount of space in the front of the filter than can be used for accessory storage like HID ballasts, ignition controllers and such that were previously difficult to package. Serviceability of the throttle bodies becomes drastically less difficult to get to. High quality lifetime Buna N 'X' rings seal off the throttle bodies in 4 places. Adds a wicked sound that while docile at cruising speeds, barks with authority when cracked open. All necessary hardware included. Suggestions upon installation: It is advised but not mandatory to remove the emissions hardware when installing a Rottweiler Intake System. The part where the Secondary Air Injection (SAS or SAI) attaches to the stock air-box is removed with this installaton and if the installer wants to keep the SAS/SAI on the bike (rare), you will need to attach a small filter to the leftover hose. See our SAS Stage kits for block off kits.
  3. 4 reviews

    This system eliminates the stock air box which is prone to allowing dust to enter the engine through the lid seal or the filter itself. This Stage 3 system includes the filter setup itself, a new rear velocity stack and fuel dongles to eliminate the O2 sensors. Other stages are available with more goodies or less depending on your wants and needs.
  4. 0 comments

    Amazing machine. I've noticed its not as high quality as a BMW but its definitely built for my riding style. KTM has come short on my deal and hasn't activated KTM my ride, hill assist, quick shift, or heated grips. They don't know how to make these options work. It's been a month sense I bought the bike and I haven't got to fully use my bike yet.
  5. 0 comments

    Saying that I am in love with this bike would be an understatement. Out of all the motorcycles I have owned throughout the years, the 1290 SA has been my favorite. Modifications: Rottweiler Stage 3 Intake Kit Blackdog Skid Plate Cyclops LED Headlights Cyclops LED Lightbar Mosko Moto Backcountry Bags Blackdog Oil Cooler Guard Rottweiler Stage 2 SAS and Canister Delete Rottweiler CRG Mirros Rox Risers Sagent Custom Seats SW Motech Rear Master Cylinder Guard
  6. 1 review

    If you ride in dry and dusty conditions, a foam pre-filter kit is a great way to extend the life of your main filter, and more importantly your engine. Nothing protects your engine as well as an oiled foam UNI filter. Adding this pre-filter to your air intake intercepts sand, dust, silt, and dirt before it can even get to your main air filter. An added bonus to this pre-filter is that it's completely washable and reusable. After a dusty ride, simply pull the filter, wash, oil, then re-install. The high quality foam material ensures the filter will last many rides. The pre-filter simply installs in place of the stock snorkel on the Tiger 800 or 800XC. It is easily accessible by removing the seat. The filter fits both ABS and non-ABS models. > Made in Australia by UNIfilter > Fits Triumph Tiger 800 & 800XC > Does NOT fit 800XCx
  7. I figured now we have a bike, I'd put this thread here. What we have is a 2011 KTM 990 Adventure with just 3,000 miles! It's very clean and has never even been off road before. We hope to change that! My objective is to have a bike we can bring to all our regional events that can showcase some of the best the after market vendor world has to offer. It's purpose is to become a basis of discussion as to how these things make a difference in our riding. One of the reasons I picked a 990 is primarily because we couldn't get a new bike donated! It's also because there are a lot of people making stuff for the 990 and it has a lot of good real estate on which to put custom graphics wrap on. Besides, the 990 also happens to be a great bike in the dirt. It's also important to note here that none of this stuff is "free" that we're getting just because XLADV is so awesome. This bike came out of my pocket and most of the aftermarket parts are being provided at simply a discount. I'm happy to showcase these products and put sponsors' logos on the bike for their efforts. That's one thing I wanted XLADV to stand out for and that's a solid partnership with the v
  8. 0 comments

    Superb bike that does everything very well. Had this bike for 3 seasons and it was spectacular. Also, contrary to expectation, it has been PERFECTLY reliable. Perfectly, as in: I had NO issues. Zero. Nada.
  9. 1 review

    If you ride in dry and dusty conditions, a foam air filter is a must. Nothing protects your engine against small particles, dust, and sand as well as an oiled foam UNI filter. A stock paper filter just can't stand up to the kind of dirt and abuse of a long off-road adventure while giving proper airflow and performance. An added bonus to these filters is they are completely washable and reusable. After a dusty ride, simply pull the filter, wash, oil, then re-install. The high quality foam material ensures the filter will last many rides. This complete kit comes with everything you need to outfit your water cooled R1200GS or GSA with UNI foam filters. It even comes with 2 pairs of foam pre-filters to keep your engine even safer during the dustiest rides. PRODUCT FEATURES Made in Australia by UNIfilter Fits BMW R1200GS and Adventure, water cooled models, 2013 and newer Includes 4 pre-filters Link: http://www.uniflow.com.au/contents/en-us/d57_newreleases.html#p5809
  10. 1 review

    BMC has developed a particular production system based on soft rubber moulding which produces the familiar BMC red filters. They are made in one single piece with no welded joints in the corners, thus avoiding breaking risks. > Higher air flow than OEM filter for maximum power. > Race-tested for performance and reliability. > Endorsed by Yoshimura. > Reusable, lifetime filter. > Standard "Red" or "Race" models.
  11. 1 review

    Power Parts High Performance filter for the KTM 1190 Adv.
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